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Fall Netflix Binge

Fall Netflix Binge

Seeing as I came down with my first cold of the season (& hopefully only!) I had the idea to share with you some of my favorite Netflix series to binge. As it is that time just about to cuddle up on the couch for the next few months till the sun decides to make an appearance again. I also just found out I can enjoy Amazon Video and need some suggestions on good series on this! Please comment below with your favorite Netflix & Amazon shows!! Also would love to hear anyone’s opinion on Hulu as I did fall in love with the Handmaids Tale as well.

Also some of my favorite outfits are my comfy ones I wear on the couch during these netflix binge days, am I right?

xoxo Carlita


Ozark’s has had me since the first season aired last year. Often referred to as a modern Breaking Bad this series is not only has an excellent cast but the story line to go with it. I am here for all the drama this series has to offer that keeps you on the edge of the couch each episode with twist unexpected! The younger actors are some of my favorites like Ruth she’s a badass you will instantly fall in love with.


Can we all get an AMEN to Dexter (or Michael C. Hall) returning to a series because he alone gives me chills as an actor. SAFE was an amazing series that follows his daughter going missing after a night out to a party he didn’t know about. The safety that comes in living a gated community is not always as it seems. If you can’t tell already I am so in love with dark series/murder mysteries.

the dfall.jpg

This is hands down one of my all time favorite Netflix series that I even got my boyfriend to watch. Fifty shades of grey or serial killer rapist this man has many talents to transform on the screen. This series follows one detective on a mission to find a serial killer/rapist haunting the UK town. This chilling series will have you checking your locks at night!!!

broad church.jpg

I have to say after a few people telling me to watch this series I gave it a try and was so glad. Definitely following my love for deep detective series and dark crimes committed that rock tight communities Broad Church season one and two were everything I need in a series that keeps me up at night. Season three was a little less mind blowing and featured a different crime but none the less was still worth the watch!


Ok so this series is just straight up hilarious, type of thing I would watch before bed to not have the horrible thoughts of the above crimes in all the series I have already listed. Making fun of the bible belt of the United States and Pageantry around the country this series has you sure to crack up. By the end you are not sure what you are watching anymore but you are here for it!


The Killing based in Washington has one of the best murder mystery stories with an ending you will never expect. Again all the actors in the series similarly to the Ozark’s are just spot on with their acting skills and portrayal of character. The series starts off with a young girl ending up in the trunk of car. How she gets there will blow your mind!


Last but not least Stranger Things is the perfect Halloween/October binge with the upside down and the story of how these teens go through testing to see the other side. If you haven’t already jumped on the band wagon do yourself a favor and start today!!!

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