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Radiate Positivity

Radiate Positivity

Happy Monday! I personally live for Monday’s and Tuesday’s because they are my weekend. Working retail I don’t get many actual weekends off so I savor the days I do get off and at least they are next to each other. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately as to what really makes me happy whether it is in my personal life, work life, or life in general. For example I love reading and writing for an outlet emotionally and to just relax. But I often make excuses about being too busy or too tired from work to do those things. This last week I have found allowing myself even 15-20 minutes of journaling or reading this new book “Little Fires Everywhere” has been such a refreshing either start or end to my day. I am known for always walking around with a big smile and being that positive person in every situation but recently I have been trying to rekindle that fire in my soul. I have faced some personal challenges and am just kind of questioning what I am doing in life and which direction I am trying to take next. As I have always learned though change is the only thing that is constant in life and I am ready to roll with the flow. My most exciting change is the count down to getting the keys to our house! Spencer and I are beyond ready to take this next step in our adulthood and relationship. It will feel so good to invest in something and truly make it ours versus apartment life!

This look also reminds me of a cause that makes me really happy to support because I want to the plant to be in good shape for the next few generations not my own. I find when I really put energy into caring about causes that make a difference whether it is in one persons life or the whole plant it feels so recharging to support. Skip a straw save a turtle! Buy some metal straws on Amazon!! A difference starts with just you!

Xoxo Carlita

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New and Old Obsessions

New and Old Obsessions

Philly Rail Park

Philly Rail Park