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The Little Things

The Little Things

Sincerely Jules Lux Joggers- available at Shop Bop $79

Forget Me Not Brandy Melville Tee $37.05 Ebay! So they totally sell this shirt at Nordstrom King of Prussia as well but odd I cannot find any Brandy Melville or John Galt on Stop in there is seriously a whole Brandy Melville shop the second floor across from Topshop!!

LOFT Distressed Denim Jacket $79.50

Nike Air Max Thea available at Nordstrom $95

So often in this busy society we live in it is so easy to loose sight of the simple joys in life. It is so easy to get caught up in the expectations of others, when in reality it only matters what you expect of yourself. I am sharing just a bunch of moments that have made me really grateful in this last month. I am surrounded by some of the most supporting human beings, who want nothing more than for me to succeed in whatever I do. I don't know how I got so blessed to find that listening to your own heart is the only way you will truly be happy in everything you do but once I started following my intuition it has never let me down. Enjoy these moments from my life in May! 


My mom came down in May to teach my girlfriends a little bit about Essential Oils and their amazing benefits. She called it essential oils 101 and condensed so much information into one fun night. We then made inhalers with oils, and experimented with what called to us. I used a combination of Rose Wood and Sandal Wood, the Rose Wood helps reduce anxiety and improve memory while the Sandal Wood provides mental clarity, this inhaler has come to my aid so many times these past two weeks!!! Check out more from my momma over at her blog! 


I also attended the Great Guys Dinner for Bringing Hope Home. This organization helps families dealing with cancer in the area by providing finical and emotional support. I was so angry my work mom and I's photo got bombed by some random dude. Only to find out he was the guest speaker and an old kicker for the Eagles, David Akers, whoops! 


Also if you follow me on Instagram at Carlita'scloset you have seen this week I just wanted my nails to match my jeep! Neon green has always been a favorite color of mine. My car and nails most definitely match my loud personality this week. To leave off for the month what did you hear LAUREL or YANNY?! I only heard yanny and it has been driving me crazy all month what I sound like to my friends and family who only hear laurel hahaha. Happy memorial day! Go enjoy the day with the ones you love most!

xoxo Carlita



Miami Mami

Miami Mami