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Plants; They're Good For Your Soul

Plants; They're Good For Your Soul

Well since this is about the only corner of my apartment I will take photos in I decided to share some tips and tricks on keeping your house plants alive and well! I used to be one of those plant owners who would buy a plant or succulent thinking they're so cute. Only to find out a few weeks later a shriveled up dried version does not look as pretty. Having a green thumb is not easy but luckily my mom and step dad were both born with one and have shed some of their insights onto me! Now everyday I look at my jungle corner of my apartment and I am so happy. 


Pick a day of the week to water your plants or as I call it spa day. I will take them all into the bathtub and let them get a soak like a nice gentle rain, it helps them thrive!

Always touch the soil! You want the plant to be able to dry up between waterings. You know it needs a drink when the dry layer is at least the first inch of soil. 

Different plants have different schedules! I definitely give my succulents more little waterings throughout the week, rather the big house plants get a more significant watering about once a week.  

Rotate your plants, this is so important as they grow so other areas can get the same direct amount of sunlight. 

Succulents are a tad more sensitive as far as sunlight, some love it & some don't need as much. Just pay attention to how they are reacting and adjust accordingly! If loosing their color they probably need more sunlight. If they get squishy they are being over watered!

I am happy to answer any plant questions on the comments section as well!! 

xoxo Carlita

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