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New Years Eve Ready or Not!

New Years Eve Ready or Not!


Nordstrom Rack 19Cooper Flared Sleeve Romper $39.97

Forever21 Sequin Romper $22.50 (50% off right now!)

Nordstrom Saint Laurent Tribute T-Strap $895

Tiffany & Co. Zodiac Aries tag charm $225

New Years Eve is around the corner! I don’t have any plans yet but I do have an outfit! I was possibly going to wear this look to one of the holiday parties I had to attend but ended up saving it for NYE, but I think it is appropriate for either this time of the year. I was able to take advantage of my OG photographer while I was home for Christmas as my step dad used to take all my original blog photos when I started my blog back in college on blogspot. Not to mention my adorable little niece Kierra joined in the fun changing outfits with me, helping me select my accessories, and showing me up in the posing game. I mean please take a minute to admire her adorableness, she’s been jumping in my photo shoots since she was 2 so she is no stranger to the camera.

Spencer and I will most likely end up spending NYE exploring a local bar in North Wales or simply popping some bubbly at home in our house for the first time!! Ever since we had a little house warming and decorated for the holidays this place has sincerely felt like home and a place I can kick my feet up at the end of the day. Keeping it short and sweet tonight as it is Friday and I planned to get this done on Thursday but life got in the way, and I’m training myself that is OK. Time for date night with my man, I hope you all get to enjoy a long weekend!!

xoxo Carlita

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The Dogist... Apparel

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