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Giving Back

Giving Back

One big thing I am going to take away from my boss, and second mother Joanne, is how important it is to give back when we can. Whether this is volunteering your time, donating money, or attending and event & raising awareness. Two amazing foundations she introduced me to in Philadelphia are Breastcancer.org and Bringing Hope Home. Both foundations are cancer based, one leading in research & support and the other providing emotional and finical assistances to families going through cancer treatments. I have lost one grandmother to cancer and the disease opened my moms eyes into all the harmful things we put in our bodies on a daily basis. This was when I was 8 years old and she threw out our microwave as well as stopped eating any white sugar, and changed our diet to mostly all organic.

Breastcancer.org has a big event every October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness and raise funds for research. I have had the pleasure of attending this event the last three years. It is always hosted at a terrific location in Center City. One year at Vie, the next at the Mutter Museum, and this year at the Masonic Temple which was SO neat.

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Bringing Hope Home is a local charity with a heart breaking story of how it began. Paul Isenberg founded the foundation after loosing his late wife Nicole to cancer. Only to later find his next soul mate Miriam Horrocks (who is a widow of one of the pilots from 9/11 that crashed in PA). He was able to help Miriam when he recognized the same symptoms that his late wife Nicole had experienced, but detected much earlier stage one instead of stage four. Now Paul helps families all over the Philadelphia area paying their bills and providing emotional support while someone in the family is going through cancer treatments. Going to any one of their annual events or walks will inspire and show you how they truly bring unexpected amazingness to these families during their most difficult times. I have had the pleasure of helping put on the Ella Bella Fashion show three years in a row now. This night is SO empowering, uplifting, and energetic to see cancer patients and their family walk a runway feeling like a million bucks. If you follow me on Instagram you saw I rushed from The Geisha House event in the city back to King of Prussia just in time to see the models walk the runway at Ella Bella. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly!

If you have any free time or funds this holiday season please consider these organizations or any that touch your heart! The good karma will come back for you I promise!!

xoxo Carlita

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