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When I first got on Pinterest in my senior year of high school in 2012 I never imagined it becoming the amazing idea place it has become today! If I am ever stuck on what to wear with a certain top or skirt I just ask Pinterest. Stump on a look for a themed party? Pinterest is your answer. Need a quick new recipe for dinner, again Pinterest. I find myself constantly using this app all day on my phone too! Below are some of my inspirations from my Pinterest styled board appropriately named "Addicted". Go ahead give me a follow over at Carlita's Closet! 

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Breakdown/tips on how I use Pinterest when stuck on what to wear: 

1. Be specific in your search terms. For example give the season, where you are going, etc. I will be as specific even as searching "what to wear with Stuart Weitzman OTK boot" to help get ideas for my next look with those shoes! Fellow blogger babes have made this a haven for finding specific items! Also I find tons of new ladies to follow on Pinterest every week!

2. The more you actually save pins, the more the site understands what you like. I don't know about any one else but did it use to freak you out you'd look at a top once and next thing you know there's an ad on Facebook for it? Well Pinterest has perfected not being creepy in it's suggestions but understanding your every move on their website. I also love how they have not let algorithms ruin your feed! People I have followed from day one still appear, unlike on Instagram when you start following someone new they seem to take over your feed.

3. Don't settle for the pin you see first! Often some of the best in the search can be found no where near the top of the searches! 

Basically the new age Tumblr I also use Pinterest to simply get inspired! Whether its a outfit, some DIY that looks fun to try with your girlfriends, or a dream place to visit. I can get lost exploring the options on this site! Especially planning for our new house right now I am over loading on the home inspiration, sooo many good DIY ideas. 

xoxo Carlita

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Difference between: Rainy Day Outfit

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Now searched: Chic Rainy Day Work Outfit

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Target's New Line: Wild Fable

Target's New Line: Wild Fable

Casual Summer Style

Casual Summer Style